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Help FAQs and Guides

The Qwest.net Help section has been designed based on the feedback from our subscribers. In this section you will find the most commonly requested information in the form of FAQs and Setting Up Your Account.

* FAQs

  • The Top 10 Support FAQs are the most commonly asked questions customers ask Technical Support.

  • The Top Webmaster FAQs are the most often asked questions that our Webmaster answers.

  • The Additional FAQs provide you with additional information about Qwest Broadband™, dial-up, and additional services or improvements that Qwest may be deploying in your area.

* Qwest.net Account - This section provides extensive answers and graphics to help you:

  • change your password and username
  • change your local dial-in number
  • work with e-mail
  • install your Qwest.net account onto a different computer
  • set up newsgroups
  • create primary and secondary accounts
  • static IP addresses
  • overview of the Qwest.net Product
  • publish your web pages

* Getting Around on the Qwest.net site - This section gives you a general overview of our site and hints for searching within the site.