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Overview of Qwest.net

Features available only to customers of Qwest Choice Internet Prime, Qwest.net StarterPak™, Qwest.net OfficeWorks™, & Qwest.net OfficeWorks™ LAN

Quick References

Qwest.net Internet Software

Qwest.net supports use of both Netscape® and Internet Explorer® software. If you have installed Qwest.net with Qwest.net CD version 5.0 or higher, you also have installed the Qwest.net connection software.

While you are connected to the server, you can pick up your e-mail, surf the Web, read newsgroups, and create Web pages.

Web Browser - This is your window to the Internet. You can use either Netscape Navigator® or Internet Explorer® with Qwest.net.

E-mail Reader - We keep your e-mail stored on our server ready for you to read. If you are using Netscape®, you can use Netscape Messenger to check your e-mail. If you are using Internet Explorer®, you can use Outlook Express or Outlook to check your e-mail. For more information, see Working with Your E-mail.

Qwest.net Connection Software - If you have the Qwest.net icon Qwest.net icon on your desktop, you have Qwest.net connection software, powered by Gearbox®. It is automatically installed when you use the latest Qwest.net CD version 5.0 on a Windows® 95, Windows® 98 or Macintosh® operating system. Qwest.net connection software is designed to make your connections easy to manage and maintain. When you click the Qwest.net icon on your desktop, your Qwest.net connection software is available for your use.

Newsgroup Reader - Newsgroups (or Discussion Groups) are a place to read and post messages on a topic of interest.

  • If you have the Qwest.net connection software (Qwest.net icon Qwest.net icon on your desktop), click the News button at the upper left to read newsgroups.
  • If you are using Netscape®, you can read newsgroups using the Newsgroups or Collabra Discussion Groups software, built into Netscape.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer®, you can use Outlook Express or Outlook to read newsgroups.

Web Authoring Tool - With Qwest.net, you can have your own home page or Web site on the World Wide Web. You can create Web pages that include text, pictures, links to your favorite Web pages, and more. These pages will be stored on our server so that anyone who knows the address of the page can see them anytime. (You do not need to be in your account or on your computer for friends or customers to view your pages.) See Instructions for Publishing Your Own Web Page to get started.

For customers who have the Qwest Choice Internet Prime, Qwest.net StarterPak, Qwest.net OfficeWorks, or Qwest.net OfficeWorks LAN, you can use Qwest.net's custom Web page templates.

Custom Web Templates - These templates help you create a customized Web page. Various themes are available for your use (e.g. attorney, automotive, bakery, bed & breakfast, computer, medical/dental, financial, florist, insurance, Internet services, pets, Realtor, restaurant, technical, traditional, travel, sports, outdoors southwest, hobby/fun).

  1. Click the Qwest.net Account Tools menu, and select Create My Personal Web Page, from the left navigation.
  2. Click the Design Your Web Site Using Custom Templates. There, you will find the templates and detailed instructions on how to use them.

Primary and Secondary Accounts

The account that was established during registration is your primary account. The primary account has special abilities such as creating and maintaining the Web site and adding additional e-mail addresses.

Subscribers of additional e-mail boxes are using sub-accounts. Sub-account subscribers have the ability to request changes in their user names, but cannot perform Web site creation and maintenance or add additional e-mail boxes.

You can purchase additional secondary accounts (sub-accounts) or e-mail boxes beyond the free ones that came with your account by using the same Adding Another E-mail Address process.

E-mail Aliases

Once you have registered a domain name (yourcompany.com), you can attach it to one or all of your e-mail addresses (yourname@yourcompany.com). For information on e-mail aliases and how to create or change them, see E-mail Aliases.


All e-mail you receive and bookmarks that you save are stored on your computer.

Static IP Addresses

Lease up to 64 Static IP addresses (61 usable, 3 for network management) to help you manage your network or operate your Web hosting. For information about static IP addresses, see About Static IP Addresses.

For more on static IP addresses:

Vanity Domain Name

A domain name is a name you choose and register for use as part of your e-mail and Web address. Using a vanity domain name is an easy way to get a Web address and e-mail address that is easy for friends or customers to remember without the hassle of maintaining your own Web server.

Once you register a domain name you can:

  • Use a Vanity E-mail Alias to receive e-mail at an address such as, webmaster@mycompany.com
  • Use a Vanity Web Address to have a Web site address like http://mycompany.com/
Register a domain name

To register your domain name, use the Domain Name Registration page under the Create My Personal Web Page within the Qwest.net Account Tools menu.

You will use the Domain Name Registration tool to register your domain name with VeriSign® (an organization that verifies the name is not already taken). There is a fee for registering a domain name with VeriSign and a yearly fee to keep the name registered. It may take a couple of weeks before your registration is confirmed.

Note: Qwest Choice Internet Prime, Qwest.net StarterPak, Qwest.net OfficeWorks, and Qwest.net OfficeWorks LAN supports the use of only one domain per "master" account.

To use your domain name

Once your domain name registration is confirmed by Qwest.net, you can use the instructions to set up an e-mail alias at your new domain or to link your domain name to your Web site.

How to transfer the domain name used with your old ISP

If you registered your domain name through InterNIC, Network Solutions® or VeriSign®, you can use a Web-based tool (Moving your Domain Name from another ISP) to transfer the domain name for use with your Qwest.net account.

Vanity Web Address

Linking your domain name to your Qwest.net hosted Web site

Once you register your domain name (with received confirmation from Qwest.net), and you have created your Web space, you can use the Web Site Manager to link your Web space to a vanity Web address.

  1. Open the Web Site Manager (in the Qwest.net Account Tools menu under Create My Personal Web Page).
  2. Click the Link Your Domain Name to Your Web Site. Follow the instructions, typing in the address of your Web space and selecting the domain name you will be using.
  3. When you are finished, your friends or customers can access your Web space by typing in your vanity Web address.