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Subscriber Agreement Updated

April 03, 2005
Your Subscription Agreement has been revised to include terms and conditions for software provided to Qwest.net customers from time to time. Please review the revised agreement at www.qwest.net. Your continued use of the service constitutes acceptance of the revised agreement.

Important Notice

Qwest consolidated the terms of its Qwest Broadband™ and Internet access services into a single agreement. Therefore, all customers who order Qwest Broadband™ and Internet access service from Qwest on or after January 28, 2006 order both services under the terms of the Qwest Broadband™ Subscriber Agreement at http://www.qwest.com/legal/highspeedinternetsubscriberagreement/ . Any customer who ordered Qwest Broadband™ and Internet access service from Qwest before January 28, 2006 remains subject to the terms in the FCC-1 Tariff (for Qwest Broadband™) and the Subscription Agreement posted at www.qwest.net (for Internet access) until the earlier of: (1) the date customer makes a change to their Qwest Broadband™ service (e.g., change speed or move location) or (2) November 16, 2006. Beginning on such date customer's Qwest Broadband™ Internet access service will be provided under the Qwest Broadband™ Subscriber Agreement.

New Qwest.net™ Home Page

We’re pleased to bring you this new and improved Qwest.net™ home page. We created this new design and content based on customer feedback. You’ll find it easier to access and use the many Qwest.net features and tools.

There are four main sections to the new home page: Qwest.net Account Management, Online Self-Help, Additional Qwest.net Services and Qwest Small Business Solutions. We’ve designed each section to make the most common links easily accessible—you don’t have to navigate through multiple pages to find what you need.

  • Qwest.net Account Management - Direct link to access your Qwest.net account management tools, including e-mail, passwords and Web page publishing
  • Online Self-Help – Quick links to the top online self-help categories for your Qwest Broadband™ service
  • Additional Qwest.net Services - Easy access to additional Qwest.net Services to enhance your online experience
  • Qwest Small Business Solutions - Links for other Qwest Small Business solutions such as local phone service, long-distance and wireless services

Watch for other exciting changes and new services coming soon from Qwest.net.

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